Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First blog...how cliche...

I spend a lot of time and energy trying not to be like everyone else. Actually it's not very hard, I'm kind of weird, but I do take pride in trying to do unique things and not be a cliche.

Well, so much for that. I'm a guy in a band with tattoos who wears all black, (the occasional flannel) has liberal tendencies and lives right next to New York City. My girlfriend is cute, I wear canvas skate shoes and read Howard Zinn and Chuck Klosterman. Check, check and check on the cliche meter. At least most people with my lot don't obsessively watch the NJ Nets and stand up for Van Hagar any chance they get. Those might be the two most "unique" qualities I possess at this point. But I digress, I should just start getting more comfortable with being like most other people in my situation.

Anyway, this was all leading up to the fact that I think this shit is cliche. Anyone with a computer, fingers and half an opinion have decided to unleash their brain diarrhea on people all the time now. I suppose my ego, or boredom, has lead me to the computer today with the perception that my opinion is remotely interesting. And because of Gaslight, some people might actually read it. Or it'll just add to my cliche status. Then I'll hate myself a little more, and sleep 15 minutes less a night than I already do, hence the name of the blog.

Even though it's 4 in the afternoon, fuck, I'm already a cliche Internet liar....


  1. I know how you feel haha. I'm not in a successful band (yet :P) or anything, but normalcy isn't wrong. Be happy doing what you do man, there's nothing wrong with being like everyone else in some ways. Like, trying to be different can be so hard, I used to be like that. Then I realized I wasn't being me. And about the blogs, well we all have a little something to say. We all have a message, and we all want to be heard. It's only natural, and in my opinion letting it all out in a blog can feel great. I like to share things with my friends, and sometimes I get annoying, telling everyone I know how amazing the Gaslight Anthem is for the past two years haha. But we all have a little something to say, and it's always pretty cool to let it out. Now the annoying fanboy stuff...your band has gotten me through some shitty times, and I just want you to know just how much your band means to me. I used to be one of those "emo"/goth kids, listening to Slipknot an Marylin Manson haha. But you guys showed me something better, something amazing that will be a part of me til the day I die. Maybe one day, when I get my music career going I'll see you guys again, not as a pathetic little fan, but as a fellow musician. Anyways, take care, and I hope 2011 is a great year for you...later dude

  2. It's ok. I think on some level we're all self-hating bloggers. Actually, aren't all artists of any kind self-hating? Oh well. Add that to the list of cliches. ;)

  3. this is exactly why you and the Gaslight Anthem is so awesome, That punk snotty punk attitude:p

  4. True. As a Gaslight fan, I am interested. However, as cliche as you are (or desire to be for lack of effort otherwise), your two posts are thus far obnoxious enough to make it entertaining. :D

    Much love!

  5. I know how feeling cliche by trying to be original is. I fail at both.

  6. Haha, if it's any consolation the blogs are awesome.