Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's one in the morning or so, the apartment is quiet, and while watching the tail end of the Heat/Blazers west coast broadcast, I wonder.

I wonder about life, and what this window I have in it means. If it's a useless snapshot of ones personal consciousness, which will end, and ends forever when it does. I wonder if a million years will feel like a blink of an eye and I could re-awake in another time. I wonder, less and less these days, if I'm being judged by my actions. I wonder if Humanism could actually save the world, or if only a rigid, well formulated set of rules and regulations is man's only savior against himself.

I also wonder about other things. I wonder if Alex Levine is right, and pro wrestling is a legitimate form of entertainment and sport. I wonder if Nascar drivers piss themselves. I wonder what a guy like Gerald Wallace puts in his hair, and if Joel Pryzbilla has to order some kind of special bed to sleep in. When I'm in Europe, the hotels have 5 1/2 foot blankets ... where one is left to the old shoulder vs. foot coverage dilemma. What does Joel do there?

I wonder about nature versus nurture. I wonder what I would be like if I was born and raised in one of those dusty towns I drive by in the mid-west. I wonder if I'd still be interested in the same things, if I'd look the same, and if the personality I have would ever surface? I heard recently that Darwin may have been wrong, and the tendencies we pick up through life do physically alter our DNA for future generations. Makes sense. Shit, made sense the other way too.

When the earth being flat was the common perception, what did people think happened to all that water? I wonder what kind of game changer the scientific community will throw at me next? I already lost Pluto, and being a Scorpio ... are the Scientologists right? Are we really just vessels?

No wonder I can't sleep.