Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy Rider...

"Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life." - Jack Keruac, On the Road

Today, I'm heading out on a mini road trip. Just me, my car, some needed distractions and a couple of destinations ... all it takes. This is one section of the American narrative that I love and cherish. Many parts of my countries history are ugly, violent and obtuse. This one is exciting and dusty, and most of all ... kind of romantic.

I've spent almost half my life periodically driving around like this. Whether it be for music, love or adventure. Perhaps that's why too much time in one place gets me itchy, when the little man inside of me freaks out and needs to jump around. Maybe crime rates would drop if everyone had a running car and a good map.

I haven't done this in a couple years. Since Gaslight has gone full time and started traveling over 8 months a year, I seldom find myself very itchy to leave once I get back. Especially since I can afford a livable apartment now. But with the longest stretch of time to myself in 5-6 years, I found my eyes/ears perking up again for something different ... something new.

Anyway, I'm gonna buy a giant cup of coffee, start up the car and get the collected works of Queen shuffling on my Ipod now to begin the mini quest. I hope a hillbilly isn't offended by my long hair and shoots me like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. I think I'll be alright though.


  1. Queen, A Dennis Hopper reference, and a road trip - gotta love it! Great post, and have a good trip!

  2. I hope to do that myself in the next couple of years, when school and work aren't an issue for a good week. Have a great trip, Benny!

  3. I'm so pointlessly sick right now and am gonna be missing my first Frank Turner gig in my hometown tomorrow. So if it's cool with you, I might join you on your road trip in my imagination? Don't worry, I won't chatter incessantly...I'm off to make a setlist for my sanity. Hope you get everything out of the trip you need Benny, Z :)

  4. Thanks guys!! Tell the man I'll be home soon...

  5. I'm all about road-tripping especially when there is absolutely no destination in mind. A down right dreamer and hopeless romantic always trudging on the idea that everything happens for a reason, all will be okay and fresh air, good music new friends makes life a little better. 10 years ago on the 13th of September, I crashed my first car, in the development where we both used to live. Thought to myself yesterday, hope someone out there in this world makes that bad day into something good. Apparently, it's you doing that. Happy adventuring :)
    Leaving with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjykrjAS5bQ&ob=av2e

  6. Hopefully, not to end up homeless this time around. Love from another crazy stalker wanting to follow in the footsteps, almost in a disciplinary way, from a group that I feel like might change the course of history. The Gaslight Anthem has a very positive outlook, extremist standpoint on life, but at the same time, maybe I still need to follow my own heart and keep working on improving my relationships with those around instead of constantly wanting to be like them, doing what they are doing and not burning bridges with those around me. (Worst sentence ever, I know- sorry about that one)

    Tomorrow, there are no plans for me, just a longing to breathe, feel free, shed that skin, for just a day, a night, an hour or two would be great, but until then, maybe my job isn't over on this earth quite yet. There probably still is a lot to accomplish, dream about, and hope for... but as GOD would like to put it, Sunday is a day for rest... not just for me but for everyone else too that believes in a higher power out there.

    Probably should just make some plans tomorrow to see a shrink and really work through and resolve some of these built up imaginary issues that keep filling my brain, consuming my life and causing people around me to feel negative about my life and their own. Seeking counseling is not always a bad thing. Even just to let loose those inner emotions, causing chaos, coming to terms with a battle that was brought on from a previous life existence, should be dealt with, and especially with the combination of medications really makes not only one person feel better, but almost like an entire race of people feel better. Well at least to project more positive vibrations. (Starting to dig this constant run-on sentences, yet?)

    On the other hand, however, coming too terms with who you are as a person. Really delving inside and doing some soul searching, figuring out who you are, how you want to be and act for the rest of your life in a very natural sort of way, is also a cool decision too go with. Like my choices to become straight edge, vegan, a lesbian, but continue to remain sexual inactive.

    There is so much more to life than sitting behind a computer, getting into hardcore fights with my mother, and complaining about how I always am feeling sensitive to life's daily occurrences. Become a doctor, think for yourself, become a teacher, a social worker, look to friends and family members for help, start relying on your judgement instead of letting others push you around, be a scientist, a lawyer, a musician, an author, the world has no limitations if you just apply and be true to yourself.

    For the rest of my life, I will feel like a caged in animal, with no hopes, dreams or aspirations and going nowhere fast with my life. Believing in myself only gets so far. If I had time, patience, energy and money, maybe then life would make me a nun.

    My exes would LOVE that, so she turned into a lesbian nun. I think they would look at themselves and be like, F*$( where did we go wrong? That would mean then baptism would have to happen and I would have to get over the fact that people drink and pray at the same time... Don't get it. Have to admit, though I love the expression, "Send thee to the nunnery". Like it's that easy. Like it is the French Revolution time era. As if someone else has the right to judge someone, or look at the book jacket without turning from page one to THE END.

  7. I have to wonder, how does it feel coming back to Jersey and a tour for you? Being from Jersey myself, I always feel like there is a collective sense of melancholy about the state--but I found once I got out, all I could think about was getting back. After being all the places you've been, is Jersey just an old hat? Or do you still look forward to getting back...

  8. Jenny:

    It's never old hat, and leaving Jersey always makes me miss it. I love to travel, but there's no place like home. It's in the blood, can't shake it.

    When I get home from tours, I stop and get a good Jersey sub, play slalom with trucks on the turnpike, put Rutgers basketball on TV...and I finally feel ease coat my body...