Friday, December 9, 2011

I'll have the pankcakes in the age of enlightenment, please...

I've been looking at posting on this blog as some sort of homework assignment, where if I don't do it up to a certain snuff, it's not worth posting. This logic has lead me to NEVER updating the blog and only occasionally finding the energy to organize my thoughts and turn it to letter form. So today, I'm going off the cuff...let's see how it goes.

I'm all about this website Kickstarter. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a new site used to fund creative projects and help them come to fruition. Even though it's run via Amazon for the money aspect, it's an incredibly D.I.Y way for artists/musicians/authors/filmmakers to remove the "funding" middleman. Which is typically some fairly obtuse corporation who is used to bridge the gap from artist to consumer. This cuts it out, and directly puts the power in hands of people who want to see these projects completed for the sake of art and personal satisfaction. Secondly, statistical progressions give me a real boner, and it's how the website is organized.

So far I've donated to the re-mastering and re-release of the pinnacle 80's NYC graffiti documentary, Style Wars. And also this really interesting film project called "The Iran Job", which seems to mix two of my favorite things, basketball and fervent feminism. This is a link to the Huffington Post article about said film:

Speaking of basketball, myself and the other 9 Nets fans in NJ are thrilled to have an NBA season. After the lockout, we'll get a 66 game season starting on Xmas day. If you ask me, this is how many games the season should be anyway. For too long the NBA regular season has just been a cursory warm-up to the playoffs, a shorter season would help prevent that. Not sure what the hell David Stern is pulling with the Chris Paul/Lakers trader, in all my years of following sports, I've never seen a commissioner pull the plug on a fair deal worked under current labor rules. Daniel Gilbert is a whiner, remember when he said the Cavs would win a championship first year without LeBron? What a nut job.

In music news:
Gaslight has been getting together quite often and working on the new record. We're in a great flow right now and I'm getting more and more excited with each song we finish. I'd say we're close to 3/4 through with the meat of the record, and tons more ideas are kicking around. Can't wait to leave town and lay this thing down...

The Bottomfeeder 10", on Alex's new label, Human Blood Records, will be officially out on December 16th. It's got nice gray/black/blue splatter on the vinyl, and our good friends at Letters From Earth printing ... ( did a great letter press cover on nice French card stock. Stoked.

Ok, that's the culmination of brain diarrhea series one...I'm not really naming it, I just look for any opportunity to include the word diarrhea into a sentence. One Love!


  1. No mention of the Albert Pujos deal or the big spending Marlins? C'mon Benny, where's the love for baseball?

  2. Hey thanks for the tip about kickstarter, I'm a filmmaker and funding is, of course, always an issue.

    PS. Your posts are always fun to read.

  3. I like Kickstarter, but it bugs me when bands ask you to donate like $30 just to get a CD copy or something. Not gonna do that.

  4. I want you to make a post with pictures of you and your dog.

  5. Harley,
    I never know if anyone here cares about sports. I think the Marlins are making solid moves. Each one is big dollars, but the most consistent starter in the league, the most electric (even oft injured) shortstop, and a closer with over 40 saves, 3 years straight on losing teams all seem like worthwhile investments. They better start selling some tickets though!

    With Pujols, I'm disappointed. I'm an old school sports guy who really loves when a player completes his tenure with one team. Especially a team that you won two championships with. I also hate to see him in the American league. Coupled with Wilson it definitely makes the Angels a real contender next year. One ace, 3 good starters and the best hitter in baseball is a nice recipe.

    That being said, as all 10 year contracts go. The Angels will be eating shit by 2016... (see the Yankees current Arod situation)


  6. Get on Twitter, where only short, silly statements are expected. :)

    PS Thanks for an amazing night at Convention Hall. It's all I've been able to talk about today.

  7. Benny - talk about sports. Also, more Swingers quotes.

    Also, any thoughts given to your next kick drum design for the (probable) tour next year? You should put it up for a vote.