Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The People Zoo

I like cheesy movies, one of which being Love Actually. The beginning and end scenes of that movie show heartfelt re-unitings at the airport. All sorts, husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, little kids and grandparents, you name it.

I'm sitting at an airport right now, staring, and I haven't seen anything remotely sweet in 2 hours. Alex Rosamilia calls this the "people zoo". When you sit back and keenly observe human beings habits like you're a researcher at a zoo. Social habits....eating and smelling and scratching and moving. Sometimes the only difference I can see are that humans wear clothes, because of their lack of fur.

I try not to judge, but as an ameutur student of the human condition, I can't help but wonder what the stories are behind these faces and walks and attitudes. Is this German kid really a thug in his Yankee fitted and oversized cargo sweatpants, or did he just watch a 50 Cent video when he was younger. Is this upscale looking man in a suit really a succesful businessman? He could very well be a struggling beeper salesman or a drug smuggler, or not even a man at all. It would be fun if I could read people like the Terminator, just to get a brief synopsis of what I'm seeing.

It's impossible to know what people are all about on first glance, but I guess the little devil on my shoulder is pretty sure I have it figured out. I once read a book by Diablo Cody that detailed in memoirs her brief career as a dancer/stripper. When she would dance in the glass booths, her oddest recollection was a young, good looking businessman who entered the spank tank, paid his money, and got off by licking the semen off the floor and walls of the patrons prior to him. I mean, what the fuck. If I saw that dude at the airport, my interpertation would've been well off.

Just like I have to assume that most peoples perceptions of me would be well off if they based it from first glance. Because of that, I should probably stop doing it. But I don't think I will.


  1. People zoo is great on the underground/metro, because you can get so much closer. - As for perceptions, it's now hard not to think of Benny as Terminator, scanning the crowd at the next gig.

  2. LAX and O'Hare are by far the the best zoos I've ever encountered, followed closely by Sea-Tac, but that might have been fueled by a plethora of Alaska Amber Ale. No matter, it's so true. Airports are full of great people-watching. I often find myself making up stories for people; especially those who look sad. I wonder who has had to book the flight out of desperation to get home to visit a dying loved one. Morbid, yes. But probably more often the true story. This is why I try not to have layovers.

  3. Dude, what the fuck!? Why would someone lick the semen of the floor and walls!? That is just sick and's wroouung.

    But you're right, like at the train station I never see happy familys saying goodbye like in the movies. All I see is a bunch of stressed people running around trying to catch their train...

    You're right too about judgin people from the outside. Whever I meet new people I'm for some reason allways scared that they're nazis or something.. Like when I first heard the Galight Anthem I was like: wow, this is amazing, I really hope they aren't nazis or something. But now that i have watched every interview you ever did on youtube I know that youre not..

    This is a really strange comment isnt it? Yes it is.

    I saw you guys at Pinkpop, you were really great!
    I was with that guy with the home-made patch:)

    I hope youre coming back to The Netherlands soon!


  4. "People zoo" perfect description!
    That's what I always do at airports or train stations. I like to make up stories that match the people I see: I try to figure out what their life could be about, where they are going right now and why! This really helps killing time when you're travelling alone.. ;)
    Probably gonna do that tomorrow when i'll be waiting for my flight to copenhagen to see you guys ;)
    so see you tomorrow!