Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shameless self promotion...

I know I haven't written in a while, not due to a lack of trying. Just don't have anything good to say right now. So this one is dedicated to giving myself and my friends a cyber handjob.

My new project BottomFeeder, with Corey from Let Me Run, Dan and Mike from Gates, and Derek from Jaguar Shark has just finished our demo. It's super jersey and fun. 2 songs are posted at...

Spiro Agnew booked a show on September 2nd at Maxwells. It's Let Me Run's record release with The Scandals and Gates. Come out if you're local...

Gaslight is continually hanging and writing songs. The group of them we have going right now are a cool step for us and making us even more excited to keep writing more. Next record is gonna be a trip.

That's it for shameless self promotion.
Now time for lobster dinners and naked lady yacht parties...



  1. Great tracks! :) "You Son of A Bitch" particularly reminds me of this band called The Kinison, which is one of my favorites (although sadly, they broke up in 2003, I think).

    I am looking forward to the next Gaslight record as well as more tracks from Bottomfeeder!

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  3. At the end a blog is for talking/writting shameless, about yourself o whatever you want, isn't it?
    In internet we're all al little bit exhibitionist.
    By the way... how many bands are you in?????

  4. never mind not having anything good to say right now, as long as you've got nothing bad to say (which makes me wonder, which category does Bottomfeeder fit in?)